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This section contains the poems, with the addition of some brief annotation, posted on the Japan 2001 Waka mailing list. The initial 2001 poems are in chronological order, starting with the earliest poem/songs and gradually moving forward through time to the haiku. Subsequent postings vary in period, but are almost all tanka, short poems. New poems are added here on an approximately weekly basis.

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The Kojiki

Day 1: Early Song 0001 to 0009

The Man'yôshû

Day 2: Kakinomoto no Hitomaro 0010 to 0017

Day 3: Hitomaro's Poems to the Dead 0018 to 0025

Day 4: Hitomaro's Poems to his Wife 0026 to 0033

Day 5: Hitomaro's Travel Poems 0034 to 0041

Day 6: Hitomaro's Love Poems0042to0049

Day 7: Man'yôshû Miscellany0050to0057

Day 8: Man'yôshû Miscellany0058to0065

Day 9: Yamabe no Akahito - Mt Fuji and Travel0066to0073

Day 10: Akahito - Imperial Visits0074to0081

Day 11: Akahito - A Visit to Ki0082to0089

Day 12: Ôtomo no Yakamochi - Mourning a Concubine0090to0097

Day 13: Yakamochi - Love Poems to his Wife0098to0105

Day 14: Yakamochi - Love Poems to his Wife0106to0113

Day 15: Yakamochi - Spring and a Lament0114to0121

Day 16: Yakamochi - Spring and Parting0122to0129

Day 17: Yakamochi - Frontier Guard Poems0130to0137

Day 18: Yakamochi - The Way of the Buddha0138to0145

Day 19: Ôtomo no Tabito - Poems on Sake0146to0153

Day 20: Ôtomo no Tabito - Poems on Sake0154to0161

Day 21: Toneri no Yoshitoshi0162to0166

Day 22: Yamanoe no Okura and Kasa no Kanamura0167to0183

Day 23: Tanabata and Takahashi no Mushimaro0184to0192

Day 24: Lady Ôtomo of Sakanoue0193to0200

Day 25: Lady Ôtomo of Sakanoue: Love Poems0201to0208

Day 26: Laments for Prince Kusakabe 10209to0216

Day 27: Laments for Prince Kusakabe 2/30210to0232

Day 28: Tabito's Retainers on the Sorrows of the Journey0233to0240

Day 29: Tabito's Retainers and Azuma Uta0241to0248

Day 30: Azuma Uta 20249to0256

Day 31: Sakimori Poems0257to0264

Day 32: Sakimori Poems 20265to0272

Day 33: Anonymous Poems 10273to0280

Day 34: Anonymous Poems 20281to0290

Day 35: Anonymous Poems 30291to0300

Day 36: Anonymous Poems 40301to0309

Day 37: Anonymous Love Poems 0310to0320

The Kokinshû

Day 38: Spring Poems 10321to0328

Day 39: Spring Poems 20329to0336

Day 40: Spring Poems 30337to0343

Day 41: Spring Poems 40344to0352

Day 42: Spring Poems 50353to0362

Day 43: Summer Poems 10363to0370

Day 44: Summer Poems 20371to0378

Day 45: Summer Poems 30379to0386

Day 46: Summer Poems 40387to0396

Day 47: Autumn Poems 10397to0404

Day 48: Autumn Poems 20405to0420

Day 49: Autumn Poems 30421to0428

Day 50: Autumn Poems 40429to0444

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