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A Note on Sources

The original Japanese source text on which I based my transcription of the Kojiki was that in Kurano Kenji and Takeda Yûkichi (eds) (1958)Nihon Koten Bungaku Taikei 1: Kojiki Norito. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten.

The Man'yôshû text was that available from the Japanese e-text initiative at the University of Virginia and University of Pittsburgh, although this was compared with the text in Takaki Ichinosuke, Gomi Tomohide and Ôno Susumu (eds)(1957-1962) Nihon Koten Bungaku Taikei 4-7: Man'yôshû. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, and that in Satake Akihiro, Yamada Hideo, Ôtani Masao and Yamasaki Yoshiyuki (eds) (1999) Shin Nihon Koten Bungaku Taikei 1: Man'yôshû 1. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten and edited in places.

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